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Books by Francis Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận

The Road of Hope book

The Road of Hope

a gospel from prison

Published October 2001

Faced with dire conditions aimed at breaking the human spirit, Van Thuan secretly wrote hope-filled notes to the people of his diocese. This holy man's simplicity and wisdom have inspired thousands to embrace life with a new faith.

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Testimony of Hope book

Testimony of Hope

Published October 2000

Here is the complete text of the retreat preached by Cardinal Van Thuan to Pope John Paul II and the Roman Curia. Enduring nine years in solitary confinement—Van Thuan faced what he describes as "the agonizing pain of isolation and abandonment." In these pages he shares the reality of hope he discovered through his pain.

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Five Loaves and Two Fish book

Five Loaves and Two Fish

Published May 2003

Five Loaves and Two Fish takes us on a spiritual journey with Cardinal Van Thuan as a guide, helping us to understand that God's grace gives us energy "to work and to go on, even in the most desperate moments."

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Prayers of Hope, Words of Courage book

Prayers of Hope, Words of Courage

Imprisoned by a communist government for thirteen years, Cardinal Van Thuan sought meaning in the darkness of prison life. Written in the silence of his cell, these prayers and reflections resound with Christian hope and courage.

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